Assistant Managing Director


Hassan Fahad is a Banking and Finance graduate who has built his main objectives to secure an entry-level position in a vision-driven, rewarding workplace in the financial services industry and use first-hand knowledge in banking to serve clients and achieve personal and professional objectives.

He is a very good communicator and always passionate about relationship managing and analysing business situations. Hassan is keen on solving problems and always focused on providing the best solutions at the time, hence, his huge concentration on studying decisions.

His creative nature always pushes him to think of innovative business ideas and help improve them.

Hassan is good at Self-Management and always finds a way to make it work! His Critical thinking skill is one of his top strengths as it makes him very aware of the slightest concern related to his job, he believes in contingency planning and listing several paths before jumping into something as a way of having it all figured out against any risk thrown on the way.

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