Co-Inventor of the Blockchain | USA

Dr. W. Scott Stornetta is considered by many to be the co-inventor of the Blockchain. Dating back to 1991, his pioneering series of papers and patents, written with co-author Dr. Stuart Haber laid the foundation for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. (Of the eight citations in the original Bitcoin white paper, three reference his and Dr. Haber’s work.) Along with Dr. Haber, Stornetta co-founded Surety Technologies, whose offering constituted the first commercial deployment of a blockchain. Stornetta is currently a partner at Yugen Partners, a blockchain and AI-focused venture capital firm, and serves on various boards, consults for governments on blockchain policy, is a frequent lecturer at universities. He currently serves as a fellow at the Creative Destruction Lab associated with the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto.



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