Content Creator & YouTuber


Shams Namous known as "Shams Crypto"

He is 22 years old, living in Turkey since 2021 and studying business development.

Shams experience in crypto started in 2017, whilst blockchain and trading experience started in 2020.

Shams he is a YouTuber and having his own YouTube & Telegram channels talking about Crypto, and other topics related to Blockchains and Technology.

He provides lectures through his YouTube channel for an 1 hour on a weekly basis about crypto and trading, and now Shams have built a team to support him with his channel, his daily talks and lectures.

Shams all his interest is mostly in anything related to crypto, trading, blockchain, as well trying to learn more about them daily.

One of Shams hobbies is creating voiceover and he is very good when it comes to that, he does it as a freelancer mostly. And now he is trying to experience Graphic Design too as all his interest falls into anything to do with technology and internet.

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