Independent Consultant


Randa is a distinguished cryptocurrency expert with professional experience in the banking and finance industry since 2008. She has been recognized among the top 10 leaders to guide and lead the future of blockchain technology in the Middle East.

Randa’s banking experience through various positions includes a focus on legal compliance, AML, investment banking and data protection. As an early thought leader, she has been one of the first females to take a pioneering role in the cryptocurrency adoption through building the key pillars of education and awareness. She holds a master’s degree in science of Blockchain and Digital Currency from University of Nicosia, in addition to several other blockchain technology certifications, as well as specialized banking and finance degrees.

With her dynamic, inspirational character, her core focus has been in developing and delivering blockchain academic content and hands-on workshops, as well as providing consultancy and advisory on Blockchain business models with a focus on digital assets and blockchain-as-a-service, NFTs and Web 3.0.

Randa has been passionate about creating synergies between what new technologies have to offer and how different mindsets determine the potentials and demonstrate action. She has participated in several media talks, social media platforms and tv channels, interviewed by newspapers and spoke at conferences and events.

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