Managing Partner Scopernia MENA | UAE

Jeremy started his professional career at Unilever, working on transversal brands, departments, and projects. It is during that time that he developed a passion for growing businesses, teams, and individuals in an innovative way; encouraging people to be at the forefront of change and actors of the constant transformations surrounding our lives.

Jeremy moved to Dubai together with his wife at the end of 2019, and acts today as the Managing Partner for Scopernia’s MENA office. As part of his role, he leads teams supporting clients in growing and future-fitting their organization by crafting transformation and innovation strategies based on Scopernia’s unique perspective.

One of Jeremy’s passions is to talk to people, aiming to entertain but also inspire them to take positive action. He has been active in the Media industry over the last 15 years and delivers keynotes on the topics of Web3, the Metaverse, NFTs, gamification, digital & business transformation, growth, and change leadership.

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