COO & Co-Founder - GroMi | KSA


Fadil has over 15 years of international business experience ranging from franchising retail, Marketing, Branding Development Public Relation, personal investment, IT and Training and people development especially in the business and leadership. Prior to this role, Mr. Alnassar held key positions with Accenture, a multi-billion-dollar management consultant company ranked in the Fortune 100, and as a senior project leader for multi-national IT-projects for telecom giant Vodafone and a rolling out for all call canters functions over UK.

If you want to transform your business, your career or your life, you need the help of others – insights and experience from people who can support you and push you to realize your true potential. Fadil Alnassar can help; He is a business executive, creative visionary and inspirational leader who has shaped deals, consumer brands, Brand Management and businesses in several industries around the world. His signature focus on success through relationships and a deeply energizing passion for the customer, mainly he is covering different aspects of brand development, customer experience, Call Centre, marketing, service management, product development, consulting, strategic planning, business & business model development and operations.

Fadil has broad exposure to multinational environment dealing with different cultures and personalities dealing and building more than 100+ brands globally. He has fuelled his status as one of the most respected business coaches and retail experts in the Middle East. His global footprint brings a unique understanding of international business, infrastructure, logistics, legislation and financial services, combined with a passion for branding.


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