Founder of BNUG and Vice Chairman of BICCoN | NIGERIA

Fintech Connector Partner for Nigeria, Advisory Board Member of Bantu Blockchain Foundation and House Africa projects. Also an Advisory Board member representing West Africa at Kinesis. Money, and Adverse Partner for Nigeria. Formally Regional Director for Africa at Paxful Inc. He is the Founder/ Coordinator Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG), protem Chairman Organization of Blockchain Technology User (OBTU), Vice Chairman Blockchain Industry Coordinating Committee of Nigeria (BICCoN), Member Nigeria Fintech Alliance Coordinating Team (FACT), Africa Lead, Technology & Innovation at Blockspace Africa Technologies and CEO of both Techbuild Innovation Partners and Lagos Drupal Varsity 


An author of a series of books including; “Seizing Opportunities in Blockchain and Digital Currency Revolution: A Handbook for Enthusiasts”, “DeFi Handbook” (2018), and “The Building Blocks of Blockchain StartUP Entrepreneurs”. 


Served Nigeria as a Member of the Fintech Roadmap Committee of The Nigeria Capital Market, set up by SEC Nigeria, Blockchain, Virtual Financial Assets Regulations Working Group also set up by SEC Nigeria, CBN's Nigeria Fintech Strategy Working Group, and NITDA’s National Blockchain Strategy Team. All these assignments hover around policy, regulations, biz Intel, and research. 


A Member of Government Blockchain Association (GBA), member Blockchain Group, Africa Progress Group (APG), member to INFORMATION SECURITY SOCIETY OF AFRICA - NIGERIA (ISSAN), Fintech Association of Nigeria, Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) etc. 


For four consecutive years, Chuta has been a blockchain tech and Crypto trainer and resource consultant to several Nigerian policy & regulatory agencies, viz: NDIC, CBN, SEC Nigeria, NITDA etc. He has spoken about blockchain technology's impact in dozens of conferences organized by globally exposed institutions including the United Nations. 


Locally he derive a lot of joy in sharing knowledge across different geographic locations via meet-ups, seminars,  workshops, and conferences. 


He regularly features as a tech commentator and innovation subject matter expert on multiple television and radio stations, including CNBC Africa, AIT, Channels TV, Aljazeera, and BBC UK, to mention a few.