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BlockchainFactory EXPO “BFE” is the new Blockchain lead in the Middle East Region that will launch in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offering opportunities for both blockchain enterprises and investors to engage face-to-face in one place, that is offering Exhibitions,Conferences, Gallery, Awards, Entertainment and Raffle Draws.

BFE is about linking community and blockchain masters from across the world, it is designed to attract the future generation that could be interested traders or investors, who would love to know more about Blockchain, NFT’s and the Crypto world. By participating as an exhibitor, sponsor or both, it will lead to increasing your brand awareness as well as help generate more investors.

Despite how advanced technology in the world gets, people still trust products or services that they can see, touch and feel by their own eyes and hand. We understand this and hence invite you to be a part of the EXPO so that you can get the first hand feel and knowledge about BFE. This will definitely be an important factor towards gaining your trust and raising your awareness in the Blockchain world.

Don’t miss out and make sure to be a part of the very exciting BlockchainFactory Expo!



ART QUESTTER an International Award-winning concept store offering Marketing & Branding Services and more, located in the heart of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We have created "Art Questter" to bring in your hands a variety of choices suitable that enable your business expansion, whether you’re on a small or a large budget… we are here to make you flourish. We cater as per your requirements and work hard to improve your success.

We're a Brand Builder, Innovative & Creative team, that will take your business to greater heights, exceed expectations, bring out the best in your business, take it to a whole new horizon and make it stand out among the rest, with a unique insight provided by our strategic talent which is a great mix of local and international teams.

Offering you a concept store full of:

  • Propositions
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Consultancy
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The Kingdom of Bahrain is the heart of Middle East, and always has been the trading and financial hub in the region.

Bahrain is the gateway to the Arabian Gulf countries and has always attracted investors from all around the world who is looking to establish their business in Bahrain and especially in the financial sector.

Bahrain’s central Gulf location and great links to the rest of the Middle East will empower and position your Blockchain business at the heart of the action. Along side, the advantage of the causeway that links Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, it will increase the opportunity to receive more investors as well as from the rest of the Arabian gulf due the easy reach into Bahrain.

In Bahrain itself we have two local crypto platforms (Rain & CoinMena), offering variety of Crypto currencies for trading, and recently Binance officially opened its new office branch in Bahrain which has been approved and authorized by the Central Bank of Bahrain, places Bahrain as one of the Crypto leader in the region, this is also an opportunity for your Crypto business to be listed in these platforms and provides an easier reach to new or existing investors.

Bahrain is the perfect place for Blockchain, Cryptos and NFT’s and it will be a leading region in the Middle East.

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